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David Moyes remains defiant in face of the media

Manchester United manager David Moyes faced the World’s media this afternoon as he and his side prepared for tomorrow’s huge Champions League tie with Olympiacos at Old Trafford. Manchester United hope to overturn a two goal deficit from the first leg in Piraeus just under three weeks’ ago and David Moyes was yet again defiant in his press conference that he felt his job was safe and that there is a long-term plan for the progression of Manchester United despite what various reports have claimed since Sunday’s dismal defeat to Liverpool.

David Moyes once again spoke of the confidence he has that he will be given time to turn Manchester United's fortunes around.

David Moyes once again spoke of the confidence he has that he will be given time to turn Manchester United’s fortunes around.

David Moyes began by addressing the good mood in training from earlier in the morning with MUTV’s cameras being given access to film the session due to tomorrow being a Champions League game. Patrice Evra would later allude to the fact that the match against Liverpool on Sunday had to be forgotten with full focus placed on putting on a significantly better performance against Olympiacos for the Old Trafford crowd.

It wasn’t long before the hard hitting questions were asked of the under fire Manchester United boss with the Scot having to assess just what impact the result of tomorrow’s match has on his job security,

“My future has not changed one bit, I’ve got a great job and I know the direction I want to go in. It hasn’t been the season we’d have hoped for at this present time however I’ve got ideas of what I want to do that I’m going to put in place when the time is right. The most important thing now is to get the Olympiacos game played and hopefully get through in that competition. If we can do that it would be a massive lift for us.”

Of course this sounds good in theory however some Manchester United supporters would question why ideas of progression aren’t being put into place right now with the club appearing to lurch from one on field disaster to another. Of course on the flip side of that David Moyes will argue he has had one fair crack of the whip in terms of transfer windows and during that period he managed to bring one of the better playmakers the Premier League has seen in recent times to the club and hopes to put more of those deals into place next summer.

Amidst the vast number of reports regarding David Moyes’ Old Trafford future penned since Sunday’s match with Liverpool there has been very little official word from the club with many simply suggesting the line from Old Trafford was still the same, “David Moyes will be backed.” Either David Moyes has a very, very good poker face or this is in fact one hundred percent true. The manager was asked what assurances he had been given by the club irrespective of what happens on the field between now and the summer and the former Everton boss’ answer was one of confidence,

“The biggest assurance is that they [Manchester United owners and directors] let me get on with the job, we never discuss it [job security], we talk about the future, we’re making big plans for years going forward, this is not a club that works on the short-term, Manchester United works on a long-term vision.”

The rest of the press conference was rather like many gone before with the manager pointing to the “phenomenal” support inside Old Trafford as well as the need to score the first goal against Olympiacos to give the place a real lift. Patrice Evra was also quizzed on his future with the club with his contract set to expire in the summer, despite having an additional year clause embedded within his current deal which was triggered once the Frenchman had played a certain number of matches in his final contracted season. Evra refused to comment on his own future only suggesting, “the important thing is Manchester United’s future, not mine” with many possibly taking that as a sign he may well leave the club this summer.

Whilst David Moyes once again quashed any rumours about his impending dismissal the press conference reached its close with one titbit from the manager particularly sticking out, “I think Manchester United are the biggest club in the world, it might not feel like it today, but it will rise again.” Whilst a very clichéd statement it is difficult to find fault with the final words. Manchester United historically do rise again, be that in a short-term period or over a longer term and at this moment it still very much looks as if the future rise of Manchester United is entrusted in the hands of David Moyes be that what some supporters desire or not.

Written by Chris Winterburn

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  1. Anonymous
    March 19, 2014 at 5:52 am

    I support moyes 100 percent though I partly blame him for our transfer dealings last summer. His naivety made us sign fellaini. However the players too have shown no interest especially the senior players. I give moyes two more transfer window and manutd will rise again

    • March 19, 2014 at 10:46 am

      The next transfer window is particularly key, there has to a nucleus of players new to the club brought in, not to dispel the Sir Alex Ferguson era but so there is players who nothing other than David Moyes at United.

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