Chris Winterburn meets Edin Dzeko

Earlier this season I caught up with a number of Premier League footballers at Adidas’ World Cup launch event in Salford. Here is what Edin Dzeko had to say to me with regards to the World Cup, his boots and the start of Manuel Pellegrini’s tenure as Manchester City boss.

Dzeko just after we spoke pictured with Adidas' 2014 World Cup ball, the Brazuca.

Dzeko, just after we spoke, pictured with Adidas’ 2014 World Cup ball, the Brazuca.

CW: You have been modelling the new Adidas Predator boots today and I noticed that they are very light, does that impact your game at all when you strike the ball or when you’re dribbling?

ED: I think it is definitely better that the boots are lighter and you feel quicker, ha I’m joking, I like the new boot, I am already playing in them for a few months and it is really good. I like this boot as my feet fit in the boot, there is no space inside the boot and that is most important for me.

CW: Manchester City have got a new manager this season, Manuel Pellegrini. What has he brought to the place that is different to last year with Roberto Mancini?

ED: I think a lot of things are different but especially the way we play, the way we want to play. We want to be an aggressive team, an attacking team and well organised. I think we can only improve over the coming games.

CW: Growing up with World Cups being shown on television, what players stood out to you when you watched the tournaments on television when you were young and have you tried to model your own game on any of them?

ED: My favourite player always was Andriy Shevchenko, I definitely watched him not only at the big competitions but also at the clubs where he played. He was my favourite.

CW: Following on from that, at the World Cup every team who travels wants to win the tournament but are there any teams who you really don’t want to face, who you are really wary of?

ED: I think that Spain for me are definitely the best team in the world and I would prefer to avoid them.

CW: As with every World Cup year there is a new ball, have you had chance to see this summer’s edition today?

ED: Yeah, I just saw the ball and it looks good, the colour is also very Brazilian colours.

CW: Does anything about the ball affect the way you strike it? Does the weight of the ball affect the way you approach striking the ball?

ED: Of course you have better balls than others, I think Adidas balls are good as you can hit them properly.

CW: I remember a couple of years ago you were playing for Wolfsburg in the Champions League at Old Trafford and now you are playing regular Champions League football with Manchester City, how much would it mean to you to win that competition?

ED: This is the best club competition in the World and it would be fantastic not just for me but for the club first and this is something amazing but we still have to go into the second stage and then anything else is possible.

CW: This year you appear to be getting more first team football at Manchester City under the new manager, how important is that for you heading into a World Cup year?

ED: First we have to go to the World Cup you know, there are still two games [Qualifying] to come so I don’t think too much about that at the moment, I just think about doing my best in training and the manager is there to make a choice.

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  1. March 14, 2014 at 5:56 am

    I agree with this story.
    I support Edin Dzeko
    I’m an Mancity fan,I love Edin Dzeko
    Thank you for information sharing

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