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Ever wanted to be a Football Chairman? Well now you can with a brand new app

Have you ever fancied yourself as someone who could sack more managers than Roman Abramovich? Have you ever had the desire to be as ruthless a negotiator as Daniel Levy? Well a brand new app created by the folks at ‘Freaky Robot’ gives you the opportunity to chance your arm at being a Chairman of a football club.

The main game hub, be careful to keep track of your finances and the fan approval of yourself and the manager.

The main game hub, be careful to keep track of your finances and the fan approval of yourself and the manager.

After founding your new club you begin in the lower echelons of the English footballing pyramid hoping to use your financial mind and negotiating nous in order to bring in the right manager and the right players in order to make it to the Premier League, but beware this will come at a cost and should you go over the allocated overdraft limit then your club will be no more. The manager will often come to you requesting you sign players he has pinpointed as individuals who would improve the squad and you have to make the decision either to spend the big money or allow the player to slip through your fingers and risk upsetting the gaffer.

The simplicity of this game is what makes it so enjoyable, seasons are finished very quickly so you aren’t sat slaving away for hours building a team and going through matches. The smallest quirks such as your manager resigning if you don’t sign enough of the players he asks for, keep the game interesting and the quest for numerous promotions is something that can be achieved providing you manage your club sensibly.

As with any modern football club it is the supporters who pay their money and keep the club going so make decisions that turn the fans against you at both your and the club’s peril. If the fans aren’t happy with the team’s performances they will let you know by booing the manager and calling for him to be sacked, it is then firmly on your shoulders to decide whether or not to bow to the fan pressure and dismiss the manager or give the coach time to turn the team’s fortunes around.

Finally for the less patient amongst us, of whom there are many, there are in-game purchases which provide your club with a significant cash injection which will aid your push for glory significantly. Ranging from £50k to £50million cash injections the benefits for your club are sizeable and you then have to make the decision whether or not to invest a small onetime fee in order to sign that thirty goal a season striker who will propel your club to the title.

Football Chairman is currently a Lite edition available for iPod/iPhone and most recently iPad, via the Apple store-https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/id652860066?mt=8&affId=1860684 however in the future should the game garner enough interest then a full version will be released with cup competitions, media interactions and the ability to found a club in another country. So it is up to you to get downloading and telling your friends in order to make that happen.

Keep up to date with the development of Football Chairman on the developer’s official website-http://www.football-chairman.com/ and get in touch with them on their Twitter page @F_Chairman

Written by Chris Winterburn

Follow Chris on Twitter @Chriswin4

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